Circle Way Agreements

The Cercle Way is an alternative infrastructure for collaborative conversations, which builds on the circle`s long-term principles and practices. Author Margaret Wheatley writes: “In today`s world, dozens, if not hundreds, of group processes are available. In the midst of so many choices, it is important to remember the long line of the circle and its role in the human community. the circular process is not a technique; It is a legacy.┬áCircle is a basic practice integrated into other methods of group dialogue. When people can learn the practice of county, it is easier to take other moderation practices to a deeper level. The conversation is influenced by the shape of the space where people are gathered. Rows and a desk are a form of conveying a message; The circle is a form to put the goal at the center and listen to the contribution of each participant to the whole. While simply moving chairs in a circle begins to change the way people communicate, The Circle Way offers a social structure that often helps make conversations deeper and more aware. These structural components contribute to the ability of every human being to be heard and to the effect that meaning and wisdom appear. At a time when people are navigating through different “gates of mourning,” such as loss of a way of life, loss of livelihood, loss of life, and other losses, you may feel an opening to call a circle to support grief and healing. Many of these circles can take place virtually rather than face-to-face, and this guide offers some preparatory questions, invitations, ideas for creating a center, the use of rituals and other practices, tips for hosts and caretakers, and an example of how to conduct a virtual funeral circle meeting.

Available here for free download. An A4 version is available here. Once the page is loaded, right-click and select Save As to download. A donation is invited and appreciated, as your contribution helps make this resource freely available – donate here. “A perfect guide for anyone committed to making the world a better place. The circle deserves to become an independent subject, and this book sets it in motion. Read.┬áPeter Block, author of Stewardship, Flawless Consulting and Community The Circle Way, which are featured on this site, comes out of the life`s work and writings of Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea and is now maintained here as a global network to We focus on the general public as a collaborative change in the operating systems of the modern world; change the way organizations and communities operate and cooperate….