Enhanced Oil Recovery Agreement

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) is one of the categories of tertiary oil recovery. Any process used by microorganisms and/or metabolites, including biotensors, biomass, biopolymers, bio-acids, biogas and enzymes to improve oil production from marginal or depleted reservoirs, is referred to as MEOR [7,15-19]. This would improve the lifespan of oil wells. Microbes are single-celled organisms found throughout nature, including hydrocarbon reservoirs [15,20], which have an essential idea of geochemistry and reservoir behaviour and oil mobilization [10,21]. The microbes used in MEOR are generally microorganisms using non-pathogenic hydrocarbons [22]. Biological products produced by microorganisms modify the physical-chemical properties and thus the oil-water-rock interaction in order to improve oil recovery [22]. Microorganisms can also be used to clean up drilling and remove built hydrocarbons. While this would encourage the injection of wells and the river from the well, it is not classified meor. MEOR uses biotechnology to improve oil recovery. Despite other methods of tertiary restoration, it does not pay much attention to this method.

However, numerous experimental studies have shown that certain microorganisms are able to grow under the state of high pressure, temperature and salinity of the underground reservoir and to produce metabolites such as biotensids, biopolymers, alcohols, acids and gases. The above compounds can supplant landlocked oil through several mechanisms that are discussed in the following sections. The combination of several mechanisms that work simultaneously makes this method very effective. Mississippi Power`s Kemper County Energy Facility (Kemper Project) was to be the first facility of its kind in the United States, which is expected to be online in 2015. [36] The coal gasification component was dismantled and the facility was converted into a conventional combined-cycle power plant without carbon capture. The Southern Company subsidiary worked with the U.S. Department of Energy and other partners to develop cleaner, more cost-effective and more reliable coal production methods that also support EOR`s production. The gasification technique was designed as a combustion facility for the integrated combined gas cycle power plant. [31] In addition, the unique location of the Kemper project and its proximity to oil reserves have made it an ideal candidate for better oil recovery. [37] Chemically enhanced oil recovery technology can be used to remove oily impurities from the soil.