Event Services Agreement Template

This model should be used when the service provider is a business and the customer is also a business (i.e. the customer buys the service in commercial transactions). Due to the requirements of consumer protection legislation, consumer contracts contain certain conditions that are more customer-friendly. The planner will seek the client`s agreement in writing before entering into binding contracts for the event and/or issuing non-refundable deposits. In your contract and calendar, set a deadline for the first deposit. Put pressure on him as you don`t start working until the customer pays that amount. A termination clause should not be confused with the terms of withdrawal. The termination concerns termination due to unpredictable events that are beyond the control of one of the parties. f. counter-parts; Facsimile and electronic signature. This agreement can be carried out in counterparties that together form the same agreement.

Each electronic signature must have full weight and authority as the original signature on this agreement. In addition, any signature page provided electronically or by fax is binding to the same extent as an original signature page in relation to an agreement subject to the terms of this Agreement or any such amendment. Compensation clause – don`t forget to contact a compensation clause. It protects you and your event planning company from legal action for your client`s negligence. What do you always insert into your event planning contract? Share them with us on LinkedIn! 2. COMPANY RESPONSIBILITIES. The company specifically provides catering, decoration, photography, music, bartending and/or floral arrangements [or other services that apply to the event concerned – bounce houses, children`s games, etc.] as requested by the customer as part of the client`s budgetary policies, which will be discussed in detail as part of the preliminary consultation described below. The parties agree and acknowledge that the entity may be able to link the client only to the services for which the client has expressly granted that power to the business. Otherwise, the company does not bind the customer without obtaining the customer`s prior approval for such a service.