Leased Line Service Level Agreement

1.3 Virus: anything or any device (including software, code, file or program) that may prevent, alter or interfere with the operation of software, hardware or network, telecommunications services, networks or other services or devices; Prevent, obstruct or impede access or exploitation of a program or data, including the reliability of a program or data (whether reorganized, modified or erased from the program or data, in whole or in part or by other means); or user experience, including worms, Trojans, viruses, malicious or malicious codes and other similar objects or devices 18.1 The agreement and all the documents mentioned in it constitute the entire agreement reached between the parties and unite any agreement, agreement or prior agreement between them with respect to the purpose they cover. It is important that there are clear definitions of what needs to be made available; the obligations of the parties on both sides and good practices in agreeing on the level of services. 5.4 The Entity is not liable or is considered a contractual breach if the materials are late, incomplete or imprecise and the Company is entitled to charge the Customer for any additional services that are required. (c) access all or part of the device or software in order to develop a competing product or service of the services; (c) the use of software, hardware, services and/or systems that, in all cases, are not part of the device and are not compatible with the device or defective; 7.8 If the customer is entitled to money from the business, the company has the right to exercise the right to account for these amounts with all payments that the company has received from the customer under or in relation to that agreement or other agreement. All sums earned by the customer are paid in full by the customer to the business without deduction or deduction, and the customer is not entitled to demand compensation against the company for the payment of all or part of such an amount. In general, the more expensive the product, the better the level of ALS.