Mattermost License Agreement

If you do not extend your license within the additional 10 days, your Mattermost version will be automatically downgraded to Team Edition, allowing you to continue to access and use Mattermost. However, Enterprise features are no longer available and, if you are currently using them, you can no longer access the feature. To add more users to your existing license, contact us. “registered authorized user,” any employee, agent, supplier or contractor of the licensee who activates a license key validly assigned on a single production server (or group of production servers) that accesses a single database. Any registered authorized user must use a unique identity to access and use the licensed software, unless otherwise authorized, and can only access the Services to the extent granted by the Licensee. For clarity, every employee, agent, supplier or contractor of the licensee who activates a single license key on a server or a cluster of servers is counted for that employee, agent, supplier or contractor to access more than one database regarding licensed software as more than one registered approved user. “licensed software,” the software that was authorized by the licensee under this agreement. Yes, for academic institutions, we offer Mattermost Enterprise Edition Standard free for students (staff regularly pay the price). You must pay for at least 10 employees to qualify for an academic degree. For more information, see Mattermost Academic Licensing. If you have any further questions, email us at For licenses purchased through the customer portal, you can view the license start date, expiry date, number of users and type of license in your subscription account. 3.3 Taxes.

All prices shown are tax-free, commissions and taxes or other amounts, regardless of the amount indicated, including, but not limited to those taxes and withholding tax that are collected or based on these taxes, or on this Convention. All taxes on product materials, assistance or training that have been acquired or granted under this agreement, including, but not limited to withholding tax, are paid by the licensee or licensee issues an exemption certificate acceptable to the tax authorities. The licensee is not responsible for the taxes levied on Mattermost`s income. 3.1 Taking payment rights into account. Mattermost`s right to pay for product materials granted by the licensee arises on the day of delivery of the software granted to the licensee. Except as provided in item 4.3, all payments made or made under this agreement are not cancelled and are not eligible. Yes, as soon as your payment has been successfully processed, your license is immediately available for download. Mattermost/mattermost-server source code – Offers under LA GNU AGPL v.3.0 of the Free Software Foundation (if you decide on the next license is used by Mattermost Enterprise Edition for download: Note that the following agreement is not a transfer of copyright, it is simply a licensing agreement for contributions.