Service Level Agreement Microsoft

Reference: One of the conversations I have often had with businesses is cloud services, risk agreements, operating time and service level. We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Azure Automation`s DSC agent service. If customers also have direct routing, they must consider ALS when routing directly and the PSTN carrier to get a complete picture of ALS for their users. These services would not be provided by Microsoft. This ALS applies to all authorized calls placed by a voice service user in the subscription (activated for any type of VOIP or PSTN). Availability for all Azure services is calculated on a monthly billing cycle. Click here to download SLA for most Microsoft Azure services. You can find the ALS for Active Directory here. Azure Virtual WAN is a network service that provides optimized and automated branch connectivity via Azure. Virtual WAN allows customers to connect their branches to Azure and centralize their network and security requirements with virtual appliances such as firewalls and Azure network and security services.

Microsoft Graph provides API access to many different Microsoft services that are available on a single end point of microsoft Graph REST. Microsoft`s teams are part of it. Microsoft provides service credits when service availability is below us. We provide financial support for our commitment to achieving and maintaining service levels for each service. If we do not reach and maintain service levels for each service, as described in the service level agreement, you may be entitled to a credit on a portion of your monthly service charge. To learn more about our service level agreements for services, download the Service Level Agreement for Microsoft Online Services. You`ll find information on the system`s operating hours as well as information on security, data protection and compliance on Office 365`s transparent operations. As a free service, AKS does not offer a financially guaranteed service level agreement. We will strive to obtain at least 99.5% availability for the Kubernetes API server. The availability of agent nodes in your cluster is covered by SLA virtual machines. For more information, you can find virtual machines in ALS. It`s the ALS for Microsoft Team (and the typical ALS for other Office 365 services), but what about Microsoft Teams APIs? Would it be the same right? Actually, no.

It is interesting to note that some other Microsoft APIs have SLAs. Example: Azure Monitor now integrates Log Analytics and Application Insights functions to monitor your app. You can continue to use Log Analytics and Application Insights as standalone services if you wish. See their respective SLAs below. No ALS will be made available for posting and managing your Azure expenses, as this is a free service. Microsoft says, “If we increase the main version of the API (z.B. from v1.0 to v2.0), we announce that the current version (in this example v1.0) will be immediately obsolete and that we will no longer support it 24 months after the announcement. We may make exceptions to this policy for service security or reliability issues.¬†From We guarantee that Azure Cost Management`s service for viewing and managing your cross-cloud spending (currently Cross Cloud is limited to AWS) is available 99.9% of the time.