Shoreline Community College Transfer Agreement

After enrolling in the UW, students may consider obtaining admission from departments for the transfer of credits acquired through course work to a non-accredited institution at the regional level. For information on possible credits for this type of course work, please contact the accreditation body. As a general rule, no transfer credits are granted for professional or technical programs. However, a maximum of 15 kronor is awarded for the transfer of university-level professional engineering courses if they have been admitted as voters in the 90 credits that include an associate university degree from a Washington community college. Courses in this category are those that generally offer specific training for a profession (e.B. health, accounting, electronics or physiotherapy assistant). If eligible, these credits apply only to the electoral credit component of a bachelor`s degree at the UW. These courses are not included in the transfer AMP. Before enrolling first in the UW, a student should meet with an academic advisor to plan a program of study.

Der Berater legt, wie die bei der `berweisungs-Kreditbewertung ausgewiesenen `berweisungs kredit krediten zur Erf-llung der UW-Abschlussanforderungen verwendet werden konnen. Suppose admissions award 120 transfer credits for a student, but only 100 of these credits can be applied to that student`s graduation requirements. Where selective credits are required, credits that do not apply to certain requirements may continue to be applied to the minimum number of total credits required for graduation. Military course work is not included in the transfer GPA and transfer credits are only granted after the student is enrolled in the UW. The ranking of a student is determined by the total number of transfers granted by the UW, not by the number of years of study or the degree of an associate degree. Official Military Transcripts must be submitted for evaluation to the Accreditation Board. Courses recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) for higher education credit at the lower or higher level are considered for transfer, provided the programs are applicable to students` studies at the UW. The University of Washington transfers loans on a course basis. The Equivalency Guide provides information on transfers for university courses at community and higher universities in Washington State.