What Was The Agreement Between Achmad Soebardjo And Wikana

Skoda accelerates and turns in Jatinegara towards Karawang. The car stopped when Kunto ordered and was seen two or three times he was talking to a man in Petas` uniform to confirm the password. Near Rengasdengklok, the tires of the car broke and shortly before night the car in Karawang, then turned to pendapa kavedanan, which became peta headquarters. Achmad Soebardjo was born on March 23, 1896 in Jambe Bay, Karawang Regency, WestJava. His father was Teuku Muhammad Yusuf, a patrician Acehnes from Pidie. [2] His paternal grandfather was a pastor and his father was a police chief in Jambe Bay, Karawang. [2] His mother`s name was Wardinah. She was Camat`s daughter in Telukagung, Cirebon. [2] At that time, the text of the proclamation of Indonesian independence was gathered in a lively debate and to the knowledge of Japan.

When the text was finally finished and read, Sukarni and the young people immediately refused to be changed because they were not considered revolutionary. The application was rejected by the Independence Preparation Committee. In addition to the text, the debate has been moved on to who signed the text and where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed. When he passed through Klender, the flames were visible through evil. The restless Sukarni began to tremble. The gun was moved with his firefighters. Soebardjo was taken to Major Subeno, who immediately made a brief “interrogation” while he sought assurances as soon as the proclamation of independence was proclaimed. He called for the declaration of independence to be implemented at some point. The application was rejected by Soebardjo because it made no sense. At nine o`clock in the morning, the group began to head for Jakarta. In the car, Sukarni sits between Soebardjo and the driver as she sits in the back of Soekarno, Fatmawati, and her baby Guntur. “We are now waiting for someone to make news about it,” Pandu said.

“Look, Wikana. We`ve been working together for a long time and I don`t think there`s any reason for you to keep me secret about where they`re hidden,” Soebardjo said. It was the busiest before the proclamation of independence. However, it was not present at the most historic moment of the Indonesian nation. If he knew where Soekarno and Hatta were, it was clear that he would not waste time and that he would go straight home before 10:.m. The thing is, he really doesn`t know. Only Wikana knows the place, and she is meeting at the office. However, it is certainly not a wise move to go directly to Wikana. In the late afternoon, Nischima arrived and said she had spoken at Wikana at length. He managed to convince Wikana of Kaigun`s support. When the anchor of the information finally arrived, the attitude of the young people changed and allowed Soekarno and Hatta to return to Kaigun`s bail.

Away from Maeda`s house, the sun is a little high. Without wasting time, he went directly to Jalan Prapatan Gambir 59 to meet Wikana and the young people. This house is also home to Soediro and his family. The calculation is simple, before looking for Soekarno and Hatta, Soebardjo must have put the support of the sovereign in his pocket. In the turbulent Jakarta, the Japanese navy or Kaigun can always be a pillar. If it`s for something or something else, the kidnappers fall into the hands of the Japanese army or the Rikugun, the only one who can help is Kaigun. Rear Admiral Maeda has proven this several times in the past.

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